We are using your language to communicate

by Paul Good and Kirsty Wood

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The debut album, 'We are using your language to communicate'.

By artists Kirsty Wood and Paul Good.


The Introduction track takes it lead from the Greek tragedy of Icarus drawing inspiration from his demise from the physical restraints of the real world while striving too high. This element of failure from a physical or material stance is a reoccurring mantle explored in our practice as Installation and sound artists.

The album explores further themes, pacing the fine line that runs between reality and the precipice that drops away and breaks down into the unknown, it is from this point elements reset, fractured before re-assembly.

The album is series of sculptures disguised as songs, a landscape discussed as an album. As artists we are translating a definitive space that expands beyond boarders, with a weight that contrasts its intangibility through the narrative of music.We utilise sound to convey a description of a terrain in a moment of creation, the sound of dust as it settles on exposed ground or stars collapsing in the infinity of space.

There is an element of hope that spring’s forward from the landscape of sounds. A faith that in this void or plateau of nothingness, the nothing is not empty. The stretch of the universe is filled to the brim of possibility, from this creativity re-sets.


released October 27, 2016


all rights reserved


Track Name: Icarus
Fly, Fly above,
Fly, Fly above,
gonna lose

Fly, Fly above.
Track Name: End Of Tomorrow
At the end of tomorrow,
they all fade out,

we're suddenly forgotten,
we all blend in,

Words that you say,
and what you do,
Echos down, cross the ages,

Separate with faint outlines,
you realise, they’ve changed.

Shadow lay out of view,
waist of time, leave it all behind,
Just fade.

Words that you say and what you do,
Echos down,
across the ages

echoes down x6
Track Name: Let The Air Burn Out
Draw a different line,
feel the space unwind
Watch smoke re-appear,
holding back, the years go by

Breathing in and out,
through the haze,
Cast in dust,
and time replays

Let the colours bleed out.

Let the stars dye out.

Let the air burn out.

Let the sound ring out.
Track Name: We Were In Bloom
We Were In Bloom

Turn your face,
towards the white
On the horizon, i see,
X to the unknown

Against the north wind,
find new life,
be the future i need

to the mountain,
to the distance,
to the sea, you'll follow me

to the mountain,
to the distance,
to the sea,
ill radiate ,
we were in bloom

i'll lay my love, between the stars

to the mountain,
to the distance,
to the sea

Pour into me
we were in bloom
Track Name: Light Falls Between
Caught in fall out,
silence, surrounds me
time, shifts away.

Caught in fall out,

Im waiting for the atmosphere to brake,
Ash rain down,
a vacuum of sound,

Its getting harder to breath,
Light falls between,
its getting harder to breath,
I was erased

Reduce to smoulder and vapor,
reluctantly I fold away,
over looking the glow,
that the future turned away,

I’m waiting for the atmosphere to brake,
Ash rain down,
a vacuum of sound.
Track Name: Shadows
You were attracted, you were drawn,
The fire, took you, through till dawn,
in a blink of an eye,
moving in and out of light,
tempted by the other side.
Track Name: Endless.
Your on the rise,
For my beloved,

distant ground,
grabbed in both hands,
For my beloved

When the end seams so endless,
slow to begin
picking up in stop motion,
with no chance to win

I’m always losing, Faith

You’ll remember me,

you’ll remember me,
in broken landscape,
you’ll remember me,
in a broken world.